• What is the current distribution of ACAT-Tokens?  

    Our distribution of ACAT-Tokens is as follows:

    Total Supply: 6,250,000,000 ACAT

    Current Circulating Supply: 2,790,428,084 ACAT

    Allocation of Alphacat Tokens

    40% in Token Sale (in circulation)

    15% for the Alphacat Team (locked, currently not in circulation)

    10% for Alphacat Shareholders (locked, currently not in circulation)

    35% in reserves (locked, currently not in circulation)

    *The locked (vesting) period for early-stage investors, advisors and contributors, ranges from a period of 6- to 24-months after a token sale ends.

  • Can I store ACAT Tokens in a wallet?  

    Yes. ACAT is a NEP-5 type token and therefore can be stored with your NEO address. Follow our article here to learn more about how to store your ACAT tokens in your wallet.

  • What is Alphacat’s Scripthash address?  

    The scripthash for ACAT is : 7f86d61ff377f1b12e589a5907152b57e2ad9a7a


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