What is Alphacat?

The World’s First Quantitative Investment Platform for Cryptocurrency

A Predictive Robot Marketplace

Built with the NEO blockchain protocol

Powered by AI and Run on Big Data.

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Alphacat Service Objects

(Professional investors)

Users who seek to use the analysis generated by algorithms to inform their investment decisions or research.

(financial experts/programmers)

Thesis creators who will generate the basis for algorithms based on contextual understanding of non-obvious financial inputs.

Algorithm Creators who will quantify investment theses and execute as algorithms.

Ordinary investors

Ordinary users want to participate in token investment but have no investment experience

Alphacat Value

Alphacat development planning

The purpose of Alphacat token

(Professional investors)
ACAT Tokens will be awarded for subscribing and distributing architects’/engineers' inventions.
(financial experts/programmers)
Architects / engineers will have to pay some ACAT Tokens if they publish their own inventions and research results on the platform.
They will obtain ACAT Tokens as the reward after the users use their research results. The more times the research result is used, the more rewards they will get.
Architects can pay some ACAT Tokens to invite an engineer to develop their strategies.
Architects / engineers can pay some ACAT Tokens to buy related development tools.
(ordinary investors)
Pay different amount of ACAT Tokens for different services on the platform
For example:
Architects / Engineers will release a forecast investment tool on the future ups and downs of BTC + ETH based on Alphacat platform. The docking with relevant agreements of the exchange will be realized on the Alphacat platform. Ordinary investors can complete the trading of the investment strategy pressing one button as long as they have applied for the tool. Architects / Engineers could charge a certain amount of ACAT Tokens for this tool and also could pay ACAT Tokens according to the accuracy of the actual investment and in pro-rata as the reward. At the same time, architects / engineers can invite reviewers to evaluate and share their applications after releasing their applications and pay a certain amount of ACAT currency. The Alphacat platform regularly rewards ACAT Tokens to the best architects / engineers / evaluators.

Cooperative partners

Alphacat Team

Core contributors

Dr. Bin Li
Founder &CEO
Former Merrill Lynch VP, UBS Executive Director
Hanan Yariv
Global Marketing Director
Former Astera-LED Technical Director
Dr. Alex Hou
Risk Control Director
Ph.D. Astrophysics, USTC.
Dr. Yue Wang
Former Google Deepmind Architect
Bo Gao
Partner & Marketing Director
Former Securities Headquarter IA
Angelo Huang
Quantitative Algorithm Director
Peter Yan
Technical Director
UCB Exchange Scholar
Lisa Zhuang
R&D Director of Securities Product
Person in Charge of Guotai Junan Securities, CITIC Securities IA
Lin Lin
Global Community Manager

Investor & Strategic Advisor

Bo Shen
Investor & Strategic Advisor
Founder, Fenbushi Capital
Founder, Blockasset Fund
Leo Wang
Investor & Strategic Advisor
Founder, PreAngel Fund
NEO's Angel Investor
Jack Zhang
Investor & Strategic Advisor
Founder, Chainfunder
Partner, Lightningbitcoin
Richard Wang
Investor & Strategic Advisor
Partner, Draper Dragon Fund
Investor & Strategic Advisor
Partner, Roots Capital
Tommy Ni
Investor & Strategic Advisor
Founder, HQ Finance
Kan li
Investor & Strategic Advisor
Founder, Probing VC Fund
Kevin Hsu
Investor & Strategic Advisor
Founder, BlockVC
Investor & Strategic Advisor
Partner, Badwater Capital
Epperly LI
Investor & Strategic Advisor
Founder, ChainLinker Fund
Partner, FB Capital
Larry Li
Advisor & senior hedge fund manager.
Ranks first among global Chinese options traders
Jim Xiong
Advisor & quantitative investment expert.
Former Co-CO of Quantitative Financial Strategies
Dave Scicolone
Advisor & Overseas business development.
Former Managing Director at Credit Suisse
Jonathan Spring
Advisor & overseas business development.
Chairman of the Stable of Fund, Tiger 100 Club Director.
Ricky Ng
Founder of IHT - Real Estate Protocol
Co Founder of IClick (Nasdaq: ICLK)
Kenneth Hsia
Investor & Strategic Advisor
Partner, Badwater Capital
Tony Gu
Investor & Advisor
Partner, QKL Capital
Partner, NEO Global Capital
Stephen Song
Invester & Advisor
Partner, Newhouse Capital
【FAQ】What patents does Alphacat use for digital asset management?
Core Patent 1: Automatic analysis of financial assets.

United States Patent Link:

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How to contact Alphacat?
Hello, thank you for joining us! You can reach us by clicking here:
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